April 27, 2018

BSDNow 243: Understanding the SchedulerDragonFly BSD Digest

BSDNow episode 243 has no interview but a bunch of release news.  I like seeing a note from Dag-Erling Smørgrav about 2 decades as a committer.  I also consider aarch64 support in NetBSD interesting.

New package, kqtquickcharts-17.12.3OpenBSD packages
QtQuick plugin to render interactive charts
New package, unison-2.51.2OpenBSD packages
multi-platform file synchronization tool
New package, unison-2.48.15OpenBSD packages
multi-platform file synchronization tool
New package, mailpile-1.0.0rc2OpenBSD packages
mail client with encryption and privacy features
New package, boar-20170509OpenBSD packages
version control system for large binary files
New package, fprintd-0.8.0OpenBSD packages
fingerprint scanning functionality over D-Bus

April 26, 2018

New package, pecl56-memcached-2.2.0OpenBSD packages
PHP interface to memcached via libmemcached
New package, pecl56-ssh2-0.13OpenBSD packages
PHP bindings for the libssh2 library
New package, pecl56-raphf-1.1.2OpenBSD packages
persistent handle and resource factory API
New package, pecl56-propro-1.0.2OpenBSD packages
reusable split of pecl_http's property proxy API
New package, pecl56-mailparse-2.1.6OpenBSD packages
PHP extension for parsing and working with rfc822/MIME mail
New package, py-semver-2.7.9OpenBSD packages
python helper for Semantic Versioning
New talks, and the F-bombMichael Lucas

The video from my recent mug.org visit is now online. It’s my ZFS introduction, as well as a brief talk about Ed Mastery.

I had originally planned a talk about ed(1), but the ZFS talk went too long. (That first speaker was a real blabbermouth.) Instead, they asked me to talk about why the book was a secret, how I arranged sponsorship for that book, and how the various versions of that book came to be.

This talk is a little rough, because I wasn’t prepared to give it. I completely winged the whole thing.

It’s also the first talk where I drop the F-bomb, live and on camera. Because I have to rehearse my talks beforehand if I want to eliminate the cussing.

My talk from BSDCan 2017, on the OpenBSD Web Stack, is now live. It appeared a couple of weeks ago, but I only found it now.

I’ve updated my YouTube playlist with all of these, as well as a couple older talks I missed and a BSDNow interview.

April 25, 2018

Areca cards and large drivesDragonFly BSD Digest

The short answer: if you have an Areca card (in this case, a model 1222) and multi-terabyte drives, they will work on DragonFly.

Understanding The Scheduler | BSD Now 243BSD Now

OpenBSD 6.3 and DragonflyBSD 5.2 are released, bug fix for disappearing files in OpenZFS on Linux (and only Linux), understanding the FreeBSD CPU scheduler, NetBSD on RPI3, thoughts on being a committer for 20 years, and 5 reasons to use FreeBSD in 2018.

New package, py-pgpdump-1.5OpenBSD packages
PGP packet parser library for Python
New package, blaeu-1.1.3OpenBSD packages
create measurements on RIPE Atlas probes.
New package, py-IOSXR-0.53OpenBSD packages
library to manage IOS-XR devices
New package, py-nxos-0.0.3OpenBSD packages
library for managing Cisco NX-OS devices through NX-API
New package, py-ncclient-0.5.3OpenBSD packages
Python library for NETCONF clients
New package, py-eapi-0.8.2OpenBSD packages
Python client for Arista eAPI
New package, py-cymruwhois-1.6OpenBSD packages
client for the whois.cymru.com service