March 28, 2017

KnoxBUG meeting tonightDragonFly BSD Digest

KnoxBUG is meeting tonight – there’s no speaker scheduled, so it will be open discussion.

New package, KtikZ-0.10OpenBSD packages
editor for the TikZ language
Removed, gogo-2.26aRemoved OpenBSD packages
686 class CPU optimized mp3 encoder

March 27, 2017

AF3e Auction WinnerMichael Lucas

I’m pleased to say that with a bid of $800, Bert JW Reeger has won the Absolute FreeBSD 3rd Edition Tuckerization Auction.

Bert, send me your donation receipt.

After the Httpd and Relayd Mastery Tuckerization auction, I’m slightly surprised that this auction didn’t go higher. AF3e is a bigger tome than the relayd book. I’m forced to conclude that the FreeBSD folks just have less team spirit than the OpenBSD folks. (Not zero, mind you, but 8/13th as much.) Or the OpenBSD folks are accustomed to paying for things.

Or, just maybe, FreeBSD fans know better than to spend their hard-earned money on silly auctions.

Nah, we’ll go with team spirit.

Thanks for playing, everyone. While these have been fun, I don’t intend to do any more Tuckerizations for a while. The gag gets old quick.

New package, duktape-2.0.2OpenBSD packages
embeddable JavaScript engine
“Absolute FreeBSD 3rd ed” Auction ends SOONMichael Lucas

In a few hours, the auction to get your name in the third edition of Absolute FreeBSD will close.

Right now, the winning bid is at $605.

Feel free to bid or not, as you wish. I do have to say, though:

The auction I just did to Tuckerize someone in a small OpenBSD book went for $1300. Absolute FreeBSD is a bigger book, and will have wider distribution.

If the AF3e auction goes for less than that, I’ll be forced to conclude that FreeBSD folks have less team spirit than the OpenBSD ones. The OpenBSD folks will get bragging rights.

But it’s entirely up to you. No pressure.

On an unrelated note: my novel git commit murder is available in ebook now. More stores will appear soon. It’s basically “If Agatha Christie ran a Unix con.”

DragonFly 4.8 released!DragonFly BSD Digest

DragonFly 4.8 is officially released!  Download from your nearest mirror, where it should appear in the next 24 hours.  If you’re upgrading your existing install, you can use the generic instructions in the release notes or in my users@ email; whichever you click first.  Don’t forget to ‘pkg upgrade’!

New package, p5-Geo-Coordinates-OSGB-2.16OpenBSD packages
convert Lat/Lon to/from GB Ordnance Survey grid reference

March 26, 2017

Lazy Reading for 2017/03/26DragonFly BSD Digest

Old-school UNIX and games this week.

March 25, 2017

vmm(4)/vmd(8) support for seabios and linux guestsUndeadly

Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) writes on tech@:

I just committed the last parts of my working tree to enable both seabios and alpine linux support (using serial console).

This should be enough for people to create images and help find and fix bugs.

See a mailing list archive for the full message.

Removed, wyrd-1.4.6Removed OpenBSD packages
curses calendar front-end to remind
Removed, pigment-0.3.17Removed OpenBSD packages
3D scene graph library for rich UI
Removed, sudoku-solver-1.0.1Removed OpenBSD packages
sudoku puzzle solver with cli, gui, and web ui
New package, screenfetch-3.8.0OpenBSD packages
display system information in the terminal for screenshots
New package, vmm-firmware-1.10.2OpenBSD packages
firmware binary images for vmm(4) driver
New package, brandy-1.20.1OpenBSD packages
interpreter for BBC Basic (Basic V)
In Other BSDs for 2017/03/25DragonFly BSD Digest

More thinking topics than version changes this week, which is interesting.


March 24, 2017

Reshared post from Michael Lucas:Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@)
#OpenSSL contacted on the order of 1000 contributors yesterday because they want to change the OpenSSL license to Apache 2. The script they used to extract the list of people from their repository history does not appear to be very reliable, it clearly mis-attributes some commits to the wrong persons, so i have little evidence to believe that the list of people they contacted is accurate. The mail sent out contains the sentence "If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you have no objection."I asked Rich Salz whether he thinks the way they are doing this is legal. He answered, but avoided the question. I insisted and asked again. His answer was: "I cannot comment on this. There are reasons for why we are doing what we are doing." I wonder what that means. Do they think that what they are doing is illegal, but insist on doing it anyway? It almost sounds like that. Or are they unsure whether it is legal, but don't want to think about it? That wouldn't be much better...Regarding how to do such a change in a legal manner, read my recent post on misc@: Michael Lucas' take on the matter because it is so much to the point...

Original Post from Michael Lucas:

Silence is not consent.

Not in contracts. Not in sex. And not in #OpenSSL.

Make reading to the end great againDragonFly BSD Digest

An article about a semctl(2) bug on DragonFly, “Make DragonFlyBSD great again!“, has popped up a few times, in comments here, some online forums, and in IRC.  I’m linking to it so that I can also say: read all the way to the end and notice the date.  The bug was fixed more than 6 months ago.  This is not a current security problem, but a (enjoyable) description of how someone in Poland documented it.

Nobody reads anything but headlines, geez.

More NVMe bandwidth testsDragonFly BSD Digest

Matthew Dillon picked up more NVMe M.2 hardware, tested it, and updated his report to match.  Definitely a good read if you will be buying this hardware any time soon, and it’s not necessarily DragonFly-specific.

March 23, 2017

BSDNow 186: Fast & the FirewallDragonFly BSD Digest

BSDNow 186 gets back into the convention grind after last week’s news about new roles: coverage of the recent AsiaBSDCon, and an interview of Philipp Buehler.

Fast & the Firewall: Tokyo Drift | BSD Now 186BSD Now
This week on BSDNow, reports from AsiaBSDcon, TrueOS & FreeBSD news, Optimizing IllumOS Kernel, your questions & more!
golang now has native support for OpenBSD's pledge(2)Undeadly
Google's golang, collaboratively developed by Unix and C pioneers like Ken Thompson, Rob Pike et al has been very BSD friendly (the language itself is BSD licensed) and it just got even friendlier for OpenBSD's pledge mechanism.

To quote the diff:

"unix: add support for OpenBSD pledge

Pledge, the privilege-restricting syscall and mitigation mechanism, was missing from syscall_openbsd.go. As of the latest release, it is officially supported in 'stable'."

Link to the full golang diff here: