December 13, 2018

New package, nlopt-2.5.0OpenBSD packages
library for nonlinear optimization

December 12, 2018

HAMMER2 update on the wayDragonFly BSD Digest

Matthew Dillon’s been working on “reliable on-media topology” for HAMMER2.  If you had a crash at just the right time with HAMMER2, you wouldn’t lose data but you might have to do some manual cleanup.  (Don’t ask me the steps; never happened to me.)  With these changes, that doesn’t happen any more.  It’s present now in -master and will be in what should be DragonFly 5.4.1 by the end of the year.  He has a post to users@ that goes into better detail.   If you want way too much detail, you can check the commits.

Three related notes: snapshots are now faster, the HAMMER2 design document has been updated to the tune of 400+ new lines, and yes, you can encrypt your root HAMMER2 filesystem, and have been able to for a while.

FreeBSD 12 ReleasedSlashdot
New submitter vivekgite writes: The 12th version of the FreeBSD has been released, bringing support for updated hardware. Some of the highlights include: OpenSSL has been updated to version 1.1.1a (LTS). Unbound has been updated to version 1.8.1, and DANE-TA has been enabled by default. OpenSSH has been updated to version 7.8p1. Additonal capsicum(4) support has been added to sshd(8). Clang, LLVM, LLD, LLDB, compiler-rt and libc++ has been updated to version 6.0.1. The vt(4) Terminus BSD Console font has been updated to version 4.46. The bsdinstall(8) utility now supports UEFI+GELI as an installation option. The VIMAGE kernel configuration option has been enabled by default. The NUMA option has been enabled by default in the amd64 GENERIC and MINIMAL kernel configurations. The netdump(4) driver has been added, providing a facility through which kernel crash dumps can be transmitted to a remote host after a system panic. The vt(4) driver has been updated with performance improvements, drawing text at rates ranging from 2- to 6-times faster. Various improvements to graphics support for current generation hardware. Support for capsicum(4) has been enabled on armv6 and armv7 by default. The UFS/FFS filesystem has been updated to consolidate TRIM/BIO_DELETE commands, reducing read/write requests due to fewer TRIM messages being sent simultaneously. The NFS version 4.1 server has been updated to include pNFS server support. The pf(4) packet filter is now usable within a jail(8) using vnet(9). The bhyve(8) utility has been updated to add NVMe device emulation. The bhyve(8) utility is now able to be run within a jail(8). Various Lua loader(8) improvements. KDE has been updated to version 5.12.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

[packages] lang/chicken binary name changeOpenBSD -current changes
The chicken binaries csi and csc have been renamed to chicken-csi and chicken-csc to avoid conflicts with lang/mono.

December 11, 2018

BSD Now 275: OpenBSD in StereoDragonFly BSD Digest

BSD Now 275 went up a bit late, so I’m also a bit late posting about it – this past week’s episode includes among other things, a UNIX ownership history, and gopher details.

New package, step-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
KDE interactive physics simulator
Excuse Digest downtimeDragonFly BSD Digest

I have stuff to post, but moving DragonFly to 5.4, php to 7.2, postgres to 9.5, WordPress to 5.0, etc.  Regular Digest transmissions should resume tomorrow.

December 10, 2018

New package, spectacle-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
KDE screen capture and screenshot program

December 09, 2018

New package, libytnef-1.9.3OpenBSD packages
read and convert TNEF files
New package, kmplot-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
mathematical function plotter for KDE
New package, kfind-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
KDE dialog boxes from shell scripts
New package, libkeduvocdocument-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
library for reading and writing vocabulary
New package, klettres-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
alphabet learning application for KDE
New package, kiten-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
Japanese reference tool for KDE
New package, libksane-kf5-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
KDE SANE (scanner) wrapper library
New package, kdeedu-data-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
data files for KDE education applications
New package, zeroconf-ioslave-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
KDE monitoring of Zeroconf services
New package, kbruch-18.08.2OpenBSD packages
KDE calculating fractions practicing app
OpenBSD in Stereo | BSD Now 275BSD Now

DragonflyBSD 5.4 has been released, down the Gopher hole with OpenBSD, OpenBSD in stereo with VFIO, BSD/OS the best candidate for legally tested open source Unix, OpenBGPD adds diversity to the routing server landscape, and more.